Let your Event Date do all the talking

Turn your Event Date into a simple and memorable link, that you can share Online & Offline. e.g April.com.ng/keyword

Promote your event with a Memorable Link

Use your Page & Link to showcase your upcoming event e.g (Virtual meeting, Webinar, Birthday, Wedding, Seminar, Meetup, Conference, Anniversary etc) or redirect your Link to the event page on your site or to any location where you have details of your event e.g (Zoom, Eventbrite, Instagram, Meetup, Facebook, Twitter etc)

“When & Where” in One Link

The only link that tells your audience “when and where” your event will take place. It includes the month & name of your event and also takes your audience to where you have all the details of your event, making your audience to know all about your event in one link.

How it works

We make it easier to transform your

normal Event Date (10/04/2020)

Into meaningful and memorable short links

(April.com.ng/fashion) or (April.com.ng/10th)

That you can share with your family & friends and across your marketing channels e.g Social media, Print, SMS, Blogs, Emails, Billboard & More.

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